43 Bank St, London E14 5NX

The Canary Wharf Squash Classic recently celebrated its 20th year at East Wintergarden in London. The five-day tournament, sponsored by GillenMarkets, offers a unique opportunity to witness world-class squash in a custom-designed venue. The team built a professional-grade squash court every year, complete with spring flooring, full-height Plexiglas walls, and tiered stadium seating. The proximity of the audience to the action creates a high-energy atmosphere that leads to exceptional games.

The venue’s fully glazed roof, flexible layout, and natural lighting make it the perfect location for this event. The tournament is a hybrid event, with live streaming online and a TV studio above the stands. The mezzanine level hosts a double-tiered VIP area with full hospitality, merchandise stands, a bar area and large screens above the courts. With seating for 600 people, the intimate setting allows players to thrive, especially as the space transforms from day to night. Joey Barrington, a former professional squash player, sums up the impact of the space on the sport, describing East Wintergarden as ‘the perfect venue for squash’.